About Team Bordieri

As a team, Joe and Nadia pride themselves in providing reliable, dependable, and high quality services. Joe and Nadia first met 11 years ago through a bold and innovative initiative for first-generation college students called the Torch Scholars Program at Northeastern.  As undergraduate students, Joe and Nadia became best friends and partners as they embarked on many enriching experiences such as Northeastern’s co-op program and travels abroad to Northern Ireland and Israel, where they learned about social conflict and resolution.  After graduating with Bachelor degrees, Joe and Nadia married and went on to study at Boston College as they pursued Master's degrees in Social Work. As graduate students, Joe and Nadia learned from many great professors and clinicians. They also had the opportunity to travel to Romania to learn about attachment and its impact early childhood development. Currently, both Joe and Nadia work in schools, live in the local area, and have three beautiful girls.

While both have shared very similar experiences throughout the last decade, both are very different individuals, with different strengths, skill sets and personalities providing Skills Empowered with a well-rounded and balanced approach to working with children and youth.

• Meet Our Team •

Joe Bordieri, LICSW

A licensed school adjustment counselor and a licensed independent certified social worker. Joe received his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University and his Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Boston College. Joe has been working with children and youth for over 10 years. Joe has worked in the public school setting for over 6 years where is has gained valuable knowledge around special education and Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  While working in Randolph Public School System, Joe worked very closely with the sub separate classroom, which served children with autism, running social skills groups and writing individual education plans. Before entering the public school systems, Joe worked in various therapeutic programs such as Home for Little Wanderers which served children of all ages with a variety of social/emotional needs. He also worked in different afterschool programs, summer camps and nonprofit organizations such as the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club where he gained valuable experience teaching children and youth about the values of honesty, respect, and empathy. In addition, Joe has experience with coaching football and wrestling at different public schools over the years such as Boston Latin School, Randolph, and New Bedford where he enjoys using sports as a tool to help young people learn the values of leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Currently, Joe works full-time as a school adjustment counselor in the New Bedford Public Schools, where he runs small group and individual counseling sessions with students as well as leads workshops for teachers and staff. Joe is an enthusiastic coach who likes to bring fun, energy and humor to his groups.

Nadia Bordieri, LICSW

A licensed school adjustment counselor and a licensed certified social worker who speaks Spanish fluently. Nadia received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Northeastern University and her Master in Clinical Social Work from Boston College.  Senior year of her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University, Nadia was voted one of the top 100 most influential students due to her leadership skills and dedication to service. Nadia has experience working with social-emotional and behavioral programs at both the elementary and high school levels. Through her experience in these programs, Nadia has gained valuable knowledge and expertise when working with students with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, ODD, and PTSD. She is very talented and skilled when leading social skills groups and empowering children to be resilient.  Nadia also has much experience collaborating and problem-solving with parents and families as an in-home therapist through a couple different agencies.  Nadia is a natural leader with a big heart. She demonstrates nothing but passion and kindness when working with children and families. If there is one person you want in your corner it is Nadia.