Team Composition 

- Teams can be any combination of male and female players (Two males, two females, one male and one female).


- If an adult wants to team up with a teen for the advance tournament they can

Skills Cornhole #6.jpg

- Each bag on the box

   = 1 point 

- Each bag in the hole

   = 3 points 

- Any bags touching the ground or "bounced" on the box do not count and are to be removed prior to the next bag being thrown by the opposing team. 

- Team points for each team are calculated using only those points that were not cancelled out. 

- The team that scores last will have the first throw for the next round. 

- If a player throws out of turn, it is a forfeiture of the bag. 

- The first team to score 21 or more points will be declared the winner. 

- A tie will require extra rounds until a winner is decided.

- No whitewashes or skunk rules permitted, all games go up to 21 or more to win. 

- In the event of a disagreement, Skills Empowered staff will make the final decision. 

- No personal bags or equipment permitted.