Our FAQs

• • • • • Do you accept insurance? • • • • • 

All of our services are skill-based and more recreational in nature therefore not covered by insurance.  There are
agencies, nonprofits and other programs like ARC and HMEA that may help with providing
financial assistance.

• • • • Do you offer any financial assistance • • • • • 

to help cover cost?

Yes. If families communicate a need for financial assistance, we are happy to accommodate

the best we can in order that your child may participate in our program. We also offer different 

payment plans to help with billing for our program as well. 

• • • • • Does a child need a diagnosis to • • • • • 
participate in your program and services?

No. While many students who may have a diagnosis could benefit from our services, we
are open to all students who are simply looking for a fun experience and a chance to build
positive relationships with their peers.

• • • • • How do I register my teen • • • • • 

for a virtual teen enrichment programs? 


• • • • • How many kids are in a group? • • • • • 

Our Teen Enrichment Groups can have any where between 8-12 students. However, during group sessions

we typically break off into smaller groups of 3-4 depending on attendance and activity.  

• • • • • How long is each group session? • • • • • 

All of our Teen Enrichment Groups, recess, team building, and party groups run for 45-60 minutes
per session.

• • • • • Do I need to stay in the waiting area? • • • • •

We would like parents to stay near the facility if they can but understand if parents need
to use the session time in order to run errands or take care of other matters. We do ask
that parents do not observe the sessions in order to preserve the privacy and
confidentiality of the group members.