10 Fun Activities for Families this Christmas

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Christmas is that time when everyone is home and looking forward to experiencing the joy and bonding that comes with this amazing holiday. Winter makes it even more special and beautiful each year.

With all the kids home and the extra time to spend with family and friends, you can run out of fun ideas or Christmas traditions that can keep everyone excited. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic because there are just countless things that you and the family can do for fun this winter.

Read on to get ahold of some fun Christmas activities to keep the cheer this holiday.

1. Christmas movie nights - This should be a tradition for every family. Choose a few movies everyone will be excited about and plan amazing Christmas movie nights with them. You can do this every weekend till the end of the holidays.

2. Christmas ornaments - You might have a box of decorations you pull out every year, but how about we skip that part and get right to creating ornaments with the entire family. Not only is this a fun activity, but it will make everyone spend more time together choosing materials to work with, styles, designs, colors, and finally where to hang up each ornament. Take it a step further by marking the year each ornament was made. This will serve for some fond memories years after. It’s fun all the way

3. Check out the Christmas festivals - There’s a lot of excitement in the air during the holidays and your community is bound to have some fun festivals or parties. Check out the Christmas festivals on Christmas Eve to catch the excitement and joy all-around with your loved ones. Create some fun of your own from these festivals.

4. Volunteer as a team - The Christmas activities don’t have to be just about décor, food, and your closest friends. Do something different this holiday by volunteering as a team. There will be several opportunities to lend a hand to others this season. Find something suitable and make some new memories by impacting others. You also get to meet new people, which make volunteering during the holidays even more worthwhile.

5. Read a Christmas story - If you have young children and some charming family members, reading a Christmas story can create all the magic you need for this special time together. Find ways to make this even more beautiful for your kids.

6. Bananagrams - This can be an invaluable addition to your family Christmas games. Bananagrams is similar to scrabble and is addictive and pleasurable. Get the kids and adults together to play a game of Bananagrams. Keep everyone engaged by offering incentives such as gifts and extra sweets. Don’t be surprised when the kids win the adults hands down each time!

7. Christmas trivia - Put your minds to the test as everyone takes turns to ask questions about Christmas traditions, or past holidays. The winner with the highest score gets something for being so smart. You can include the Christmas trivia in the Christmas party games to add some cheerful spice.

8. The light patrol - Do something unusual this holiday with the kids. Go on a stroll or drive through the neighborhood to find that over-the-top light display. There must be someone who took things a little further this year with their outdoor decorations.

9. Shopping - Yes, you have probably done all the shopping you need to keep it together this winter but that’s not all. Shopping can be a really fun Christmas activity with the family or friends. Give kids some money to have them dashing into the store searching for a Christmas special. You can also have an annual Christmas splurge each year with no regrets. Buy only the things you love and deserve after such a long year.

10. A good ole Christmas party - It never gets old right?! Christmas parties are not going out anytime soon. Families and friends still create the time to host magnificent parties during the holidays. If you haven’t had a Christmas party or a successful one, here are some tips to make this winter a Christmas to remember!

- Co-host with family or close friends- this way you don’t get overwhelmed or depressed with all the planning. It becomes fun and less stressful.

- Don’t have a boring party without games or fun activities- Sure, everyone would love to dig into the food and just talk till the end of the day. But you can make things more fun this year by setting up games and other engaging activities.

- Don’t cook too much- Cooking for so many people can take the joy out of your holiday and replace it with stress and pressure. Switch so much food for less food, more fun drinks, sweets, snacks, and so on.

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