Best Beach Toys for Kids and Adults

Make your next beach experience a memorable one.

If you are looking to make your next visit to the beach a blast then checkout these awesome toys for both kids and adults. Some of them are classics but others might be new to you. On hot sunny days, my family loves spending hours at the beach. Therefore, we make it a priority to be prepared with the best toys to keep everyone entertained. While the warm weather and beautiful scenery brings us great peace and joy, the following items ensures everyone stays happy and active.

1. Tidal Ball or Bung Hole Toss

 If you enjoy cornhole or bocce, then you will love these games. Set it up right near the water and have a blast as you try to score points tossing the ball or rings in the hole. These games will definitely provide great entertainment for your family and friends while you bathe in the sun. Best of all they are much lighter to carry than traditional corn hole boards.

2. Shovels 

Whenever you go to the beach, it is essential that you make sure to bring good shovels. These toys are great for burying your best friend, digging giant holes, making an awesome water valley or simply creating a work of art. No matter who you are shovels are a must whenever you go to the beach because there is just so much you can do with them.  

3. Skim Board

For those who have great coordination and balance, you must try out a skim board. They are meant for the beach and will definitely put your talents to the test. Get a little jog, then after a wave has crashed toss the board in front of it, quickly hop on and feel yourself riding in the wind. It is a great alternative to surfing and if you can get good at it, it will no doubt a good time.  

4. Buckets 

It doesn’t matter how old you are buckets are a must at the beach. There is so much you can use buckets for like making sand castles, collecting shells or simply to wash off your sandy hands. If you are going to the beach buckets will absolutely make your experience so much better. 

5. Boogie Boards 

If the beach you go to has waves then you must bring a boogie board. Some of my favorite childhood memories at the beach include my boogie board and I. There is nothing like riding a good wave all the way to the sand. Even if the beach you go to doesn’t have waves, then simply lay on it and keep yourself cool in the water. 

6. Kites 

There is no better place to fly a kite than the beach. The wind and open space make it great for flying kites high in the air. As a kid, I always enjoyed seeing up in the sky all the different types of kites. If it is a cool breezy day then flying a kite is a perfect activity to do, especially with the little ones. 

7. Surfer Dudes 

Your little one will love watching this surfer dude ride the waves. Sit where the water ends, throw this surfer dude at a wave crashing and then watch with excitement as it rides the waves towards you. 

8. Bluetooth Portable Speakers  

As much as I love hearing the ocean and the waves, there is something about a little rock N roll in the background that makes it that much better. Portable bluetooth speakers are perfect for taking to the beach as you relax under your tent or sit in your chair. Enjoy your favorite music as you work on your tan.

9. Frisbee/Disc 

If you need a break from swimming or looking to get some movement throwing the frisbee with family or friends is perfect. If you enjoy going to the beach with your dog, they will also appreciate you bringing the frisbee for them to chase down. Simply find some open space and let the disc sail through the air. If it is super hot, then go in the water and play some catch with it there. 

10. Paddle Ball

When I traveled overseas to the beaches of Tel Aviv in Israel and in the beaches of Sicily, paddle ball was the go to game to play. I remember seeing the whole shore line filled with groups of people smacking the little ball back and forth to each other. When my wife and I play, we typically see how many times we can hit it to each other before it lands on the ground. 

11. Football 

Typically, when August comes along and football season is around the corner, I notice the footballs begin to fly a little more through the air. I remember loving as a kid, trying to catch a pass while jumping into a giant wave. Throwing the football to each other is always fun especially when you attempt to make that miraculous catch diving into the water.

12. Metal Detector 

Although it might feel weird walking around the beach with a metal detector, it would be super cool if you found something spectacular under the sand. Therefore, when the beach is quiet at night or during the early morning, take your metal detector out to see if you can discover something special. I am positive kids would love the adventure of possible finding something and hearing that wonderful beeping sound. 

13. Fishing Net

Fishing Nets are perfect for catching those quick moving fish or crabs beneath the sand. Kids will enjoy using their fishing nets to discover the wonderful creatures in the sea. In addition, they are perfect for clearing off any sand or dirt from the shells or objects you find. 

I hope you enjoyed our list of the best toys to take to the beach. Being prepared with the proper toys and items can make a full day at the beach all worth it. They will keep the kids happy and smiling while you relax in your chair. Most importantly, fun memories will definitely be made.

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