12 Best Charade Games to Bring Kids Together

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

What are charades and how does it work?

Most of you may be familiar with the game; you may have probably played it when you were younger. However, for those who are unfamiliar with it, charades is a game where people are divided into two teams, and players or teams must act out a word, phrase, or a movie, etc. without saying it out loud and their team members have to guess it to secure a point. The team with the most points wins the game. However, the player cannot act out whatever they wants; the opposing team members typically tells the player what he or she has to act out. Furthermore, the game is time-bound, and if the player fails to make his team members guess the answer within a specific time limit, then the point goes to the opposite team. Moreover, the phrases must be chosen from a category which is familiar to all the players.

Benefits of Charades for Kids:  

Charades, in general, is quite an entertaining game for kids but, it can also be very difficult for some to want to participate if they are generally shy or anxious around others. However, charades can be a great tool to get kids out of their comfort zone, and express their feelings about difficult situations. In addition, charades provides a great opportunity for kids to connect with one another and allow them to create memorable moments with each other. When facilitated correctly, charades can also offer meaningful opportunities to practice teamwork and sportsmanship. Furthermore, charades allows kids to demonstrate their own creativity and unique personality with each performance they give.

Best Charade Games to Play with Kids:  

Years ago, people used to write the names of the movies or the phrases on a piece of paper and shuffled them together. Then a player was supposed to pick one and act out whatever was written on that piece of paper. But those times are long gone. Now you can buy different versions of charades which are customized according to a theme with its own set of fun rules. Listed below are some of our favorite charade games which can guarantee a fun time with kids.

1. Guesstures: This style of game is a high-speed version of charades, and as the name suggests, you have to guess what certain gestures mean. The game comes with multiple choices which are divided into three categories, such as, easy, medium, and hard. A player has to place four of these cards into an ‘action timer' which will slowly ‘munch' the cards soon after you set the timer. Now, the words in this game are very easy but, making your teammates guess them within a few seconds before the action timer falls on them is the real challenge. All the rush and excitement are what makes Guesstures a fun game. Furthermore, each card holds different points, such as the easy ones only hold 1 point each, the mediums ones are worth 2 points, and for guessing a hard card, the team will receive three points.

It’s in the Bag!: This is one of my favorite versions of charades as it adds a few unique components to help teams guess the word being performed. For instance, before acting, players first can breifly describe the word on the card, however must avoid using the “taboo” words. Next, they then get to describe the word by using only one word. Once they give their one word clue, then that player finally gets to act out the word on the card.

Spontuneous: This is a very entertaining game for those who love music and singing. The goal of this game is for players to score points by being able to sing a song using the trigger word (words that players write down before the game begins) which is presented by the “tunesmith”. The challenge in this game is being able to connect certain words with different lyrics from songs. For players to score points, they must be able to sing at least five words from the song. This game creates a lot of laughter as folks stumble on trying to remember certain lyrics while giving their best american idol performance.

Cranium: This is a popular game which involves a variety of different activities that keeps players engaged and on their toes. This game incorporates trivia, acting, drawing and sculpting. One aspect of Cranium that makes their charades component so amusing is their acting cards which requires one player to act out a certain word by using their partner as a puppet. This game is great for families or groups of friends that enjoy mixing a multitude of skill sets in order to win.

Speed Charades: This is an exhilarating version of charades where instead of just one team going at a time, both teams are simultaneously acting out words on their card in hope that their team will be the first to correctly guess 4 of the words. This is a great game for those who like some thrilling competition.

Reverse Charades: This is a fun twist to the traditional game of charades. This game is best played with a larger group of 6 or more players. In this version of charades, instead of one player acting while their team guesses, reverse charades involves, the team acting out cards while one player tries to guess what they are acting out. In this game, each team is given a set amount of time to correctly guess as many words or phrases as they can.  

Dance Charades: If you have kids that love to listen to music and show off some dance moves then this game is perfect for them. It is a unique twist of charades where music is played and a player must act out a dance move on the card while their team tries to guess what they are doing. This is a great game to let loose and let the good times roll. It will bring smiles and laughter to everyone playing.

Rollick: This game is pretty much played the same way as Reverse Charades. Similarly, Rollick involves one player trying to guess what their team is trying to act out. One advantage of the game Rollick is that it offers far more cards/words to choose from when playing. This game is a great way to bring people together and allow kids an opportunity to practice teamwork. When the team has to act out, it makes it easier to participate as some might feel uncomfortable performing alone.

Picture Charades: This version of charades is great for younger kids who might struggle with reading. The actor begins by spinning an arrow to determine which category of cards to they will have to select. Unlike other charade games, this variation requires the actor to interpret a picture on a card and then act it out in hopes that the other players will make a correct guess.  

Family Charades: This game is perfect for families or groups with children of different ages. The great part about this game is that it seperates cards into different categories based on level of difficulty. It also even includes picture only cards for the young ones who might not be able to read words yet.

Charades for Kids: This is a very basic and simple version of charades for younger kids to play. For this game, one player will roll a dice with numbers 1-3 on it and depending on the number it lands on, that player will have to act out the word that is next to that number. There are some pictures on the cards but for the most part, kids will need to be able to do some reading.

Encore: This game is very similar to Spontuneous which involves remembering and singing songs that have certain words in it. This game pushes people to utilize their memory and muster up the courage to shout out lyrics from as many songs as they can utilizing the assigned word. this game will guarantee to amuse your crowd with good laughs.


Charade is often times a fun game to play as it keeps the kids excited and entertained. They will get a kick out of guessing the correct answers; the acting will make them laugh. But, most importantly, these type of games will help them get out of their comfort zone and learn how to manage their nerves in front of others. In addition, these type of games will guide and assist kids in developing deeper and stronger bonds with their peers and family members. If you have other great charades games that you have enjoyed please share below in the comments section.

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