Best Outdoor Yard Games to Play with Family and Friends

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Outdoor yard games are always fun and exciting, especially when the weather plays nice. They make it easy for you to enjoy your time and just explore new ways to step outside for a change. Outdoor games are perfect for bringing family and friends together. They give people a chance to socialize, compete and most importantly laugh and have fun. Our list below is perfect for creating interactions and memories that will last a lifetime among those in attendance. And for that reason here is a list of some of the best outdoor games you can play with those you care most about. 


Cornhole is likely the most popular outdoor game on our list., It has been around for a long time and you will like the fact that it is wicked easy to play. The main objective of the game is to toss small often times sand filled bags onto a rectangle board with the goal of trying to get them in the hole. It is typically played with two sets of partners and offers a great time to connect and chat with each other.


Badminton at my high school was a classic  go to during gym period. This game will get you on your toes and moving all around which makes it thrilling and intense. Badminton will certainly help you work up a sweat but the smiles and stories afterwards makes it well worth it. 


Kubb is a new one for my friends and family but it is an old kept secret for those in sweden. When you play Kubb you try to knock down wooden blocks as you throw wooden batons at them. While the objective of this game seems simple and straightforward, there are a few key rules that makes this game a blast to play. 


Bocce is a combination of curling, bowling and other ball throwing games. It’s definitely a lot of fun and it works great for small and large groups. It comes with lots of interesting strategies and you can easily start implementing new ideas as you compete to win. Bocce provide many opportunities to get  to meet new people or catch up with old friends. 

Spike Ball

Spikeball is a net sport similar to volleyball. This game will test your fast twitch muscles as you move around trying to bounce the ball off the net. Spike ball is great at improving your eye hand coordination and overall quickness. This is another one that will get your heart pumping and a chance to make some great memories.  

Kan Jam 

Kan Jam is one those games you frequently see on the beach. Kan Jam is a perfect game for partners looking to improve their teamwork and communication. The objective of this game is to throw a flying disc or frisbee at a bucket shape cylinder in hope of getting the disc/frisbee through the open rectangle in front or the hole on top. If you are looking to mix things up Kan Jam is a great choice. 

Polish Horseshoes / Bottle Bash

Similar to Kan Jam, this game also requires throwing a disc/frisbee in hopes of knocking over a target usually in the shape of bottle which is on top of a pole. Polish Horseshoes is another great one that promotes teamwork and communication. 


Chippo is perfect for those golf lovers out there. This game blends the concept of cornhole with the skills of swinging the golf club. This is a perfect game to place in the backyard for friends and family to play. 


If you enjoy volleyball and the classic 4 square then you will love Crossnet. This game is played by four players with each player trying to score points by hitting the ball over the net into another players section. 

Bucket Ball 

This game will bring you back to your college dorm room days or friends garage as players try to throw an inflated ball in one of the large cups set up in a triangular form. Bucket Ball is a great choice if you are looking to mingle with family and friends.  


Originating from Finland, this is another exciting throwing game where you try to score points by knocking over different blocks. If you are looking to give you guest a new fun challenge, then Molkky will do the trick.  

Ladder Golf

The format of this game is very similar to Cornhole however instead of throwing bags your launching two golf balls connected together by rope. The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible by wrapping the rope around one of the three poles on the ladder. Ladder Golf is another great game that increases interaction among people and is sure to bring joy to those playing or watching.

Outdoor yard games are fabulous for bringing people together and getting those who are shy out of their shell. If you are planning a cookout, birthday party, or simply looking for something fun to do with family and friends, these outdoor games will surely entertain everyone in attendance. Help build connections with those at your next get together with these fun outdoor games. If you have other recommendations for outdoor games please share. 

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