12 Best Games to Connect One on One with Kids

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Two player games can be a great way to bond with your kids one on one and it gives them something to remember when they get older. What I love about two player games is that it opens the door to not just having fun but connecting on a more personal level. These type of games offer moments for you to provide your kids positive attention and a chance to build a closer relationship. Most importantly, these games can be a great opportunity for you create memories that can last a lifetime. For each of these games, I remember specific people I bonded with, for instance Sunday afternoons playing checkers with my Grandma, and Friday nights playing Stratego with my dad. I hope through these games, you will be able to create your own memories.

1. Stratego – this is a classic strategy game where the objective is to find and capture your opponent’s flag. This game typically takes some time to set up as you and your child will have to carefully place your pieces on the board in order to give yourself the best advantage.

2. Connect 4 – this game is a must if you are short on time but you are looking for something fun to do with your child or student. It is easy to setup and does not take much time to finish a game. The simple objective is to connect four of your colored pieces together either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

3. Battleship – this is a great game that I am sure your child or students will love. The objective of the game is to call out your opponent’s grid coordinates in hope of destroying their ships.

4. Mancala – once kids learn how to play this game, it can be extremely addicting. The objective of this game is to move stones around the board in hope of trying to capture all of your opponent’s stones.

5. Othello – this game is simple to teach kids and very easy to play. The objective is to place disc on the board in a way to prevent your opponent from being able to place their disc. The winner of the game is the one with the most disc on the board.

6. Brix – this game is a combination of tic tac toe and connect 4. It requires players to stack bricks on top of each other with the goal of trying to connect four in a row either by color or symbol.

7. Guess Who? – this game is great for helping to encourage kids to communicate and ask questions. The objective of this game is to ask questions to your opponent with the goal of figuring out who the person is on their card.

8. Checkers – this is an oldie but goodie. This game requires players to strategically move around the board in hopes of capturing all of their opponent’s pieces.  

9. Chess – this game is much more difficult to teach kids however once they learn what each piece can do and some strategies, it can get lead to some very competitive games. This game also presents many opportunities for teaching important life lessons like patience.

10. Goblet – this game is another twist to the classic tix tac toe. The objective of the game is to get three in a row of your pieces, however he difference in this game is that your opponent and gobble up your smaller pieces with their bigger pieces.

11. Rubik’s Race – this is a puzzle-theme game where players compete against each other to move their pieces around their square as fast as possible to march the cube next to them. The rules are straightforward and is easy for kids to learn and play.

12. KaNoodle Head to Head – this is similar to Rubik’s Race where the goal is to complete the puzzle faster than your opponent. In this game, an image is presented in the middle and both players must quickly as possible put their pieces in the correct spots to march the picture. It another great brain game that is easy for kids to understand and play.

I hope you enjoyed this list of some awesome two player games that you can play with your child or student. If you have any other great two player games that are awesome, please share in the comments below.

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