St. Patrick’s Day Game: Find the Coins

If you are looking to entertain your kids on St. Patrick Day, try playing "Find the Coins". It is easy to set up and very fun to play with the kids. Depending on how you play, this game can build essential skills for kids such as frustration tolerance and paying attention.

Goal: To uncover the most amount of coins/prizes.

Materials: leprechaun hats and chocolate coins.

Set up: Place the leprechaun hats in as many rows and columns as you would like depending on how many kids, hats, and coins you have. Then hide different amounts of chocolate coins under each of the hats without the kids seeing how many are under each hat. You may think about leaving a couple hats with no coins underneath them. You also might one round play where only one hat has the prize and all the other hats have nothing underneath them.

How to play: Have the kids come up one at a time and test their luck by turning over a hat to see how many coins are underneath it. Depending on how many hats and coins you have will determine how many rounds you might play with the kids. In addition, you also might play where you leave the hat flipped over so the other kids know that hat has already been selected. However, you could also have the kids placed the hat back in its original position challenging kids to have to pay attention to which hats have been turned over.

Adjusting: Depending on the crowd, you can change the prizes that go under the hats to fit the age of your audience. In addition, you could use something different than a leprechaun hat to hide the coins or prizes as well.

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