Letter to My Child's Teacher

To the daycare teachers I am entrusting my daughters to, please take care of them. Please treat them with kindness if their eyes flow with tears at drop off. Please give them the hugs and words of reassurance I want to provide them as I run out the door because I’m late to work. I know you think I linger too long, and though I know in the long run she’ll  be ok, I cant stand to see her this way.

I know it can wear on you when it’s daily that they struggle at drop off. And yes I know in the long run they will be ok. But please make them laugh at a silly joke, or help them make friends with kids in their class. Believe me if they could control their tears they would, they don’t like to cause a scene or make others upset, they’re just overwhelmed and nervous. No it’s not the first time they’ve been apart from me. They’ve been in daycare since they were each three months old. Yes, we keep them home when we are on vacation or for our days off, but they are only little once and we want to spend as much time as we can with them.

Please help me teach them how to be kind to themselves and others by modeling in the way you speak to them and others. Be patient with them if they have a hard time at nap. I know it’s frustrating and you are aching for your lunch break, but they’re little and they need a some comfort. It is during the quiet times that they miss home the most and they struggle to settle down. Encourage them to share their feelings and don’t judge them by telling them “big girls don’t cry” or telling them that mom will be back soon, they have no concept of time, every minute seems like an eternity. Instead encourage them to learn new things, to expand their minds, to express their feelings. They are in your care for 9 hours a day, several days a week. Yes, I am their parent but when I am not there, they depend on you and they learn from you.

I have seen positive relationships built between my daughters and their caretakers in the past but it takes time, patience and care. Soon you’ll see that her laughter is contagious and her smile brightens the room. She is respectful and kind and has a genuine love for learning. She is in your care for 9 hours a day, several days a week. Yes, I am her parent but when I am not there, she depends on you and looks to you for guidance. Every morning I drop off my biggest treasure to you and trust you to be my substitute for the day. So please be kind. 



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