Top 5 Outdoor Tag Games for Kids

What comes to your mind when you think of an amusing outdoor game? Do you think of an impressive game “Hopscotch” or an inspiring “hacky sack skills” during break or recess? So, when you consider a classic game that spans generations and crosses social/cultural boundaries, as well as that simply begins with a tap, you think of “Tag.” “You are it” is a traditional game, which is typically played in playgrounds, gym classes, and neighborhoods. It requires no set-up or minimal equipment to play. From the perspective of physical literacy, this game is brilliant for the development of fundamental movement skills or abilities like running, dodging, and stopping, just to name a few. However, if you want to jazz up this simple game, we present you some great ideas as well as variations of the classic game that can be played during recess. Stay with our post and enjoy the stupendous ideas!

Hot Dog Tag This is an incredible variation of the class Tag game that can be played during recess. The game starts with one individual designated as “it.” This person chases other players for tagging and when one player is tagged, he or she would lay flat on the floor as if they were a hot dog, for instance, “with legs together and hands by their side.” For the tagged player to get back in the game, other two free players must lie on either side of the “hot dog” in order to form the buns. Similarly, the individual who is “it” cannot tag these three players or any of them completing the hot dog, because they are now allowed to join back in.

Link Tag Link tag is an amazing variation of the class cool “Tag” Game, which is played in a large group. This game is also started with one person designated as “it.” The person who is chosen as “it” begins to tag other players and as other players get tagged, they form a chain of arms with the individual chosen to be “it.” Now, the chain of players must collaborate and work together to tag the remaining players. In addition, the last player to be tagged is the winner of the game.

Bandaid Tag Bandaid Tag is one of our favorite games for kids. This is a great version of the class Tag game in which any player can tag and be tagged. When a player is tagged, he will put one hand on the area or spot he was touched to make a Bandaid. When this player is tagged again, he will make a second Bandaid and continue to run. But, after getting tagged for the third time, this player must go to the hospital: a designated place or spot outside the play area. There, the player will complete ten jumping jacks so that he gets healed to rejoin the game.

Freeze Tag Freeze Tag is an incredible outdoor Tag game, which requires one person to be “it.” When a player is tagged, he will stand still with his legs wide apart. In order to get back into the game, another person or player must crawl through the legs of the “frozen” participant without getting tagged himself. The game ends when all players are frozen (tagged).

Soccer Ball Tag Soccer ball tag starts with two players as “it.” Each player has a soccer ball at his feet. The player kicks the ball at the feet of another player to tag him. When the ball touches another player’s feet, that individual gets a ball of his own and joins as “it.” As a rule, the last remaining player to be tagged by the soccer ball is the winner of the game.

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