“My son participated in the teen group this past summer and he made it clear to me that he never wants to miss any. That is a huge thing when it comes from him because we've been in a lot of groups so far and I never heard him say that. I asked him what he likes about this social group and he said that Joe keeps the games fun and simple, he is nice, patient, relaxed and more entertaining than the other counselors. From my perspective as a parent, I had a very pleasant joining experience and payment via Venmo is a super plus when you are on the run! Joe and Nadia were very understanding when we missed a few sessions. Overall, really great experience! Thank you!” - Mother of 14 year old son

“My daughters loved the skills empowered group they attended this summer. What a fun way for kids to develop and enhance skills! Nadia facilitated each group with incredible enthusiasm. My daughters loved the way crafts and games were incorporated.  Both girls can't wait to be part of the next group.  Thank you both so much!” - Mother of two daughters 9 and 11 years old

“Joe’s group sessions were so great for our son! He really learned a lot in the small groups!  Joe always had such a great control of the boys as they played games. The language he used and examples he provided have also helped us to communicate better with him.  We have seen such an improvement this summer!  Thank you!” - Mother of 8 year old son

“Joe and Nadia made my daughter feel very welcome and comfortable.  She has enjoyed meeting new friends and learning some new skills!” - Mother of 13 year old daughter

"I can't say enough about this program and especially about Joe. He is truly amazing with the kids. Fun enough that they don't feel like it's a "class" but in control of the room and of what's happening. Highly recommend him and these classes" - Mother of two sons 8 and 10 years old

My kids keep asking me if it's Thursday yet, they worked with Nadia and she is an absolute peach. They love this program and can't wait to go back every week!