Programs and Services

Teen Enrichment

The purpose of our teen enrichment program is to help foster the social/emotional growth of youth in a supportive and welcoming space. Our teen enrichment/social groups are structured and formatted to increase social interactions among youth through engaging activities, games and discussions. During our enrichment groups, we specialize in providing extra guidance and entertainment to help build and develop positive peer relationships. If you would like to register you teen for one of our groups click here. 


The purpose of our workshops are to provide engaging, informative and practical insight into a variety of topics around social-emotional learning and youth development. We can provide workshops/trainings for parents, school teachers and staff, coaches, managers, directors and much more. 

To inquire more about our workshop offerings or to schedule a workshop with us please contact us via phone or by email. 

Team Building 

At Skills Empowered, we pride ourselves in providing highly interactive, challenging, and meaningful team building sessions in order to improve social relationships. Our team building sessions are focused on developing valuable skills that will assist with building strong chemistry and camaraderie. Our team building sessions can be particular helpful for athletic teams, organizations, schools, clubs and much more. 


To inqure more about our team building offerings or to schedule a team building session with us please contact us via phone or by email. 

School-Based Services 

Our school-based services focus on providing social-emotional learning through small and large group coaching. Our school-based services can be delivered during recess, lunch, after school or during anytime that fits best with student and teachers schedules. We can service students on IEPs, 504s or any student that might need extra social-emotional support. The goal of our school-based service is to help students develop the skills necessary to build positive relationships with their peers.

To inquire more about our school-based service or to setup a time to schedule visits please contact us via phone or by email. 

Social Events 

At Skills Empowered, we love planning events that help with bringing people together in a more positive way. If we are not hosting our own event, we also have no problem with providing assistance for others if they have an event they need help planning. We can help with planning fundraisers, parties, outings and much more.

To inquire more about our upcoming events or need help planning an event, please contact via phone or by email.