Special Guest(s) 

Take Notes Like a Boss

Instructor: Ms. Jheri Worldwide 

Instructor Bio: Ms. Jheri is a writer and social innovator. She is a proud alumna of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Kingston University London. She is the author of "M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate ‘My European Experiences and Travels" and "M.E.E.T. me for Tea in London." Amongst my professional experiences she was able to serve as an event coordinator for NBCUniversal Olympics and for The American Black Film Festival. Ms. Jheri is also the founder of MJWW Ventures, an organization that inspires adventure through education and written language. To learn more about Ms. Jheri Worldwide please visit her website at http://msjheriworldwide.com/.

Class Description: Students will work with instructor to build note taking skills. Students will be introduced to different techniques, resources, and important details when it comes to taking notes. We will review mainstream news articles and videos as we discuss what is noteworthy in a Socratic Seminar. Each week the reading and watching schedule will be discussed and determined based on the flow of the seminar. Students will be challenged to demonstrate independent thinking by contributing relevant insights and sharing their notes on screen for feedback. Techniques include (but not limited to): Cornell Notes Outlining Mapping Method Charting Scrapbooking Concreting K.W.O.S. Each class meeting will be structured the same with one of the note taking methods above. Students can anticipate the following class structure: Intro/Review Progress Intro to Technique Note Taking: Media Analysis Note Taking: Socratic Seminar Discussions Note Taking: Open Ideas Review Schedule

Ages            Day(s)             Date(s)              Cost                  Class Size

12-17                    Thursday                09/03, 09/10               Members: Free             1-20 students

                                                              09/17, 09/24                Non-Members $10                     

Let's Talk about Service Dogs 

Instructor: Bella Scott 

Instructor Bio: Bella serves a guest speaker for the Massachusetts Commission for Blind Soft Skills Training. She also has been a Guide Dog handler since 2018. Bella is the President of the Curry College Canine Club (Service Dog Awareness/Education Club). In addition, she is the founder of Harnessing Sight. Bella has been disabled since the age of 8. She is also the Panelist at the Boston Reel Abilities Film Festival (2019) and has been serving as a guest speaker for the Visual Vitality Consulting since 2013. To learn more about Bella and her organization please visit her website at https://harnessingsight.wixsite.com/harnessingsight  

Class Description:  Students will learn information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Student learn about the difference types of Assistance Animals.  Students will leanr some basic rights Service Dogs and their handler's and businesses have in the Untied States . What questions someone can legally ask someone with a Service Dog. What qualifies a dog to become a Service Dog, and what qualifies a person to have a Service Dog. Students will learn proper Service Dog etiquette and why it is important. What training may be like for a Service Dog. How stigma can be erased around disabilities, and how someone can be an advocate for the community. Students will learn about Bella's Guide Dog (type of Service Dog) and why she needs her by her side. Lastly, students will learn common misconceptions about disabilities and Service Dogs. 

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

12-17                         Wednesday         09/16/20                 Non-members: $10        1-20 students

Wealth Building Lifystyle

Instructor: Jim Sestito 

Instructor Bio: Jim is a certified Financial Coach, who has a passion for teaching young people the importance of managing their money. He also received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Plymouth State University. For the past two years, Jim has worked with Year Up, a national organization teaching about personal finances and offering career counseling. 

Class Description: Students will learn about some of the basic concepts and terminology to improve their finacial literacy. Students will get a basic understanding of how wealth works and ways in which they can practice basic techniques to build their wealth. Students will learn strategies in which they can use to help them become more prepared and successful finaicially in the future. 

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

13-17                         Wednesday         09/23/20                 Free                               1-25 students

Careers In Science 

Instructor: Monyrath Chan  

Instructor Bio:  Mony has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry. He has worked in numerous labs and interned in pharmaceutical companies. Mony also went to a graduate program where he did his own research, taught classes and went to work in a pharmaceutical company. Currently, Mony is now part of the commercial team for a pharmaceutical company after completing my MBA

Class Description: During this class, Mony will share the huge field of science for students. Mony will teach students about the variety of different careers you can choose if you decide to study science. He will explain how the love of science does not mean you have to be a doctor but rather many different avenvues you can go down such as research, manufacturing, marketing, clinical etc. During this one hour class, Mony will also share is his own journey and expereiences studying in the field of science.

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

13-17                         Tuesday                09/29/20                FREE                               1-25 Students 


Caring for the Ocean 

Instructor: Alanna Canaran  

Instructor Bio: Alanna has 10+ years experience working with youth in both natural and classroom settings. She has been teaching ocean education for 5 years with a focus on connecting youth to nature to foster a positive relationship to the land and sea. Alanna is a naturalist and passionate educator who has her BS in Marine Biology and is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. For more information about Alanna visit her website at https://www.blowingbubbles.ca/about 

Class Description: Students will dive in and explore the importance of the ocean and our relationship to the blue planet through interactive lecture and discussions. By the end of this class, students will be able to thoughtfully answer the question: Why should we care about the ocean? At the end of the class, learners will participate in an interactive thought activity, where they will make an ocean promise to change one aspect of their life, to live for a better ocean. 

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

13-17                         Wednesday          09/30/20                Members: FREE.            1-25 Students 

                                                                                                    Non-members: $10                              

Improving Your Digital Citizenship Skills

Instructor: Joseph Yeager  

Instructor Bio: Motivated by personal experience as a father, Joseph has been working as a cybersafety advisor for several years now and is an advisory board member for Fifty Shades of Purple Against Bullying and for Pediatric Safety Magazine. Joe is also the founder of Safety Net of PA, LLC, where he has  worked with numerous schools and organizations on helping them build skills for their students around cybersafety. 

Class Description: The course will provide a Powerpoint presentation to the students on ways that they can avoid common mistakes made online, improve their Digital Footprint and become a better Digital Citizen by knowing how to help others who need it. The program will include real examples of what students have to risk by not improving their citizenship skills.

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

13-17                         Thursday          10/08/20                Members: FREE.             1-25 Students 

                                                                                               Non-members: $10                              

Living with a Learning Disability and Neurodevelopmental Disorder: An Individuals Desire to Overcome Adversities

Instructor: Tiana Micaela Delano 

Instructor Bio: Tiana is a recent graduate of Curry College where she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology. While at Curry, Tiana served as a peer mentor and also worked with adults from the Charles River Facility. Currently, TIana works as a Therapeutic Mentor for NSMHA. Recently, Tiana was a featured speaker at the Learning Disabilities Worldwide conference.

Class Description: During this class, Tiana will use her own story to help inspire youth to  know that they can achieve despite having a learning disability or mental health difference. She will discuss her strigguels she encourtered with with dyslexia, ADHD and an early speech impediment. Tiana share her experience and journey while on an IEP as well as evidence based practices to reiterate the fact that children with learning disabilities can succeed just like anyone else. 

Ages               Day(s)           Date(s)            Cost                   Class Size

13-17                         Tuesday          10/13/20                Members: FREE.             1-25 Students 

                                                                                             Non-members: $10                              

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