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Ocean Optimism

Instructor: Alanna Canaran 

Instructor Bio: Alanna has 10+ years of experience working with youth in both an outdoors and classroom settings. She has worked in the education department at the Toronto Zoo and the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. She has been a camp counsellor, a nature tour guide, STEM educator, a dive instructor, a marine biologist, and now an online ocean educator hoping to inspire youth to love and care for the ocean.  

Class Description: During this hour long class, students will explore 10 fun facts in Ocean Optimism. Ocean Optimism is a collaborative marine conservation movement to inspire a hopeful outlook when it comes to the future of our sustainable seas. In this class we will focus on current solutions, stories of inspiration, and new discoveries currently being made in ocean sciences. To give you a sneak peak, we will learn about a funky looking squid that was only observed living for the first time last year, a group of grandmothers that are spearheading research on venomous sea snakes in New Caledonia, and a dog known for her Ocra poop sniffing abilities. When budding young scientists follow current events and news stories related to the ocean, they are more likely to feel personally connected to the science they are learning, encouraging them to strive for a better ocean. Analyzing and discussing real-world science news is also a way for students to learn about the scientific method and how new data may support or challenge old ideas. This class requires no prior knowledge, as I will help guide students and define new concepts as we go. The desire to learn and an interest in fun facts about the ocean are the only requirements!

Ages        Day(s)       Date(s)       Time         Cost                  Class Size

12-17               Tuesday         02/16/21          6:30PM         Members - FREE         1-25 Students 

                                                                                                  Non-Members - $15                                                                              


Improve Your Note-Taking Skills 

Instructor: Ms. Jheri Worldwide  

Instructor Bio: Ms. Jheri is a writer, educator, and social innovator. She is a proud alumna of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Kingston University London. She is the author of M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate ‘My European Experiences and Travels and M.E.E.T. me for Tea in London. Amongst her professional experiences she served as an event coordinator for NBCUniversal Olympics and The American Black Film Festival. Ms Jheri Worldwide is an adjunct professor, substitute teacher, tutor, and warrior in the fight for equal justice. She is a pen for the voice of the underrepresented.

Class Description: This one hour class is an opportunity for students to learn to take effective notes using various techniques. This camera on course allows students to learn note taking strategies, build literacy skills, and engage with mainstream news as they evaluate information for main ideas and keywords. Students will learn the importance of neat and organized notes.

Ages        Day(s)        Date(s)       Time         Cost                  Class Size

12-17               Wednesday     03/03/21         6:30PM        Members - FREE         1-25 Students 

                                                                                                  Non-Members - $15                                                                              


Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Instructor: Adrienne Dillard

Instructor Bio: Adrienne is an author, Toastmaster, teacher and Cub Scout Leader.  Although she has her degree in science, Andrienne offers life skills coaching courses and workshops online and at local colleges. Adrienna also teaches online for Outschool teaching important life skills. Adrienne teaches in a way that helps students understand important skills and how to apply it to their everyday life. Recently, she wrote a book titled “Hi! My name is! Many of her courses and materials can be found on her website at

Class Description: During this one hour group session teens will work on developing their communications skills in order to help them better solve conflict. They will work on finding solutions to problems by sharing their feelings and listening to how the other person feels. They will become adept at thinking of non-destructive ways to solve everyday problems. During the class, teens will use mostly scenario-based discussions and slides to practice resolving conflicts in different situations. There is an emphasis placed on discussion. Students will be assisted as needed to help them become comfortable finding a resolution to their problem.

Ages          Day(s)           Date(s)       Time       Cost                Class Size

12-17                  Wednesday         01/20/20           6:30PM     Members - FREE       1-25 Students 

                                                                                                         Non-Members - $15                                                                              


Adventures of a Female Proffesional on the Autism Spectrum 

Instructor: Marcelle Ciampi is the author of her revealing memoir Everyday Aspergers: A Journey on the Autism Spectrum. Ten years in the making,  her author name, Samantha Crafts brings Asperger’s Syndrome into a spectrum of brilliant light—exposing the day-to-day interactions and complex inner workings of an autistic female from childhood to midlife.. A professional educator, she has been featured in various literature, including peer-reviewed journals, Autism Parenting Magazine, The Mighty, Project Aspie, Art of Autism, and Different Brains. Marcelle works as the Senior Recruiter and Outreach Specialist at Ultranauts Inc., a technology company with a neurodiversity-hiring initiative, and is a consultant for Uptimize and Spectrum Fusion. A contributing author of Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism, Marcelle speaks and consults globally on the topic of neurodiversity. She also serves as the founder of Spectrum Suite LLC, the co-founder of the Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, co-executive of Lifeguides for Autistics, and a contributor to autism organizations internationally.

Class Description: During this one hour workshop, Marcelle will share her everyday experiences as a female on the autism spectrum. 

Ages               Day(s)         Date(s)     Time       Cost              Class Size

N/A                        Thursday              01/14/21       6:3o PM         FREE          1-25 Parents & Teens                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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