Terms of Agreement 

1. Skills Empowered’s virtual enrichment/social groups can run anywhere between 45-60 minutes in duration.  

2. The amount of students in each enrichment/social group can vary and is all dependent upon how many students sign up. 

3. Skills Empowered virtual enrichment/social groups are formed based on time and day of availability of participants who register however they can be adjusted based upon best fit for participants. 

4. Skills Empowered does not have the authority to completely prevent what other participants say or do while in a virtual enrichment/social group. However, if during an enrichment/social group a rule is not being followed, Skills Empowered has the ability to place participants in a virtual waiting room for any period of time during the session. Skills Empowered also has the ability to turn off or mute individuals participating in enrichment/social groups when deemed necessary. 

5. Skills Empowered has the authority to suspend or terminate services with families registered if virtual enrichment/social group rules continue to be broken.​

  • Virtual Enrichment/Group Rules 1. No sharing zoom link to other people not registered through our website. 2. No sending links in the zoom chat room. 3. No disruptive noises or visuals during group discussion or activities. 4. No keeping video off unless for a valid reason (i.e bathroom etc..). 5. No insulting or intimidating those in teen enrichment/social groups. 6. No using profanity or inappropriate comments verbally or in the chat room. 7. No sharing screens or disrupting shared screen mode. 8. No private messaging to other students in teen enrichment/social group sessions. 9. No recording or taking photographs of those in virtual teen enrichment/social group sessions. 10. No using false names on virtual enrichment/social group screens. Along with enrichment/social group rules, Skills Empowered expects those participating in virtual enrichment/teen to practice respectful video conferencing etiquette.

6. Skills Empowered relies on the platform Zoom for its programs, systems, software and security measures to ensure virtual enrichment/social groups are safe and secure. Skills Empowered does not have complete control over security or unauthorized entities that could potentially hack into a virtual enrichment/social group session. 

7. Due to the nature of virtual teen enrichment/social groups, Skills Empowered is unable to completely provide confidentiality to students.  

7b. Skills Empowered on occasion will video record group or workshop sessions for the sole purpose of impriving services. Recordings will not be shared to anyone outside of Skills Empowered. 

8. Skills Empowered has the ability to change dates and times to schedule when needed. 

9. Skills Empowered will not share personal contact information between participants in an enrichment/social group. Skills Empowered will only share contact information between parents if both parties give written consent or permission to do so. Skills Empowered is not responsible for contact that participants might have after an enrichment/social group session. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor who and how their child contacts those in an enrichment/social group. 

10. With given permission, Skills Empowered may communicate with participants outside virtual enrichment/social group via email in regards to Skills Empowered programming. 

11. Skills Empowered does not take responsibility or liability of any physical injury or property damages to your home as a result of your child’s participation in an enrichment/social group session.

12. Skills Empowered may utilize different forms of communication with parents/guardians in order to relay information such as text messaging, phone calls, or emails. Skills Empowered does not take legal liability rising from email/texting communication that may be accidentally forwarded to an unauthorized person, and/or re-sent to any other authorized person (s). 

13. Skills Empowered utilizes virtual enrichment/social groups as a learning tool for undergraduate and graduate interns throughout the year from various universities and colleges. 

14. Skills Empowered is not a therapy-based program and does not bill insurances or third parties directly. 

15. Skills Empowered utilizes the platform POWr for all form submissions and billing. In order to register for Skills Empowered’s enrichment/social groups parents/guardians must acknowledge that they have read and accept POWr privacy policy and terms as well. 

16. By registering for Skills Empowered enrichment/social group, you understand that your credit or debit card information will be on file, and stored through the platforms POWr and Stripe. 

17. When you register for Skills Empowered’s virtual enrichment/social group, parents/guardians will be billed a monthly charge on the first day of each month. 

18. When you first register to be a member of Skills Empowered you will be charged a one time joiner’s fee of $20. 

19. Skills Empowered enrichment/social groups do not run on weeks that school is closed unless stated in monthly schedule. 

20. If parents/guardians would like to cancel or discontinue their membership with Skills Empowered, they must provide Skills Empowered  a written email or note stating they would like to discontinue service within 15 days. If not, they will continue to be charged for the following month. 

20a. If parents/guardians decide to cancel or discontinue their membership they must complete the cancellation form and pay the $30 cancellation fee. If form is not complete then they will continue to be charged for the monthly membership.

21. Skills Empowered does not provide refunds for missed enrichment/social group sessions. Skills Empowered can provide refunds to parents/guardians once a written note or email has been provided within 3 days after completing registration form. Refunds can also be issued due to unexpected cancellations by Skills Empowered and their inability to make up enrichment/social group sessions at another date and time.  

22.. Skills Empowered has the ability to change and modify these terms of agreement at any time.